Our ability to work effectively with large data sets allows us to excel in a broad range on commerce-focused investigative assignments:

For Risk Managers:

  • Thailand KYC / KYB Services
  • Commercial Investigations
  • Due Diligence and Fraud Prevention
  • Reverse Directorship Lookups
  • Commercial Networks Studies

For Recruiters and Placement Specialists:

  • Pre-hire Commercial Interests Checks
  • Candidate Vetting and Verification
  • Non-compete Assurance Checks

For Legal Professionals:

  • Compliance & Governance Assistance
  • Asset Discovery & Litigation Support
  • IP Infringement Detection & Monitoring

For Entrepreneurs:

  • Business Consultancy Services
  • Market Analyses / Market Entry
  • Leads & Sourcing Programs
  • Bespoke OSINT Projects

(While we may perform site surveys, facility inspections, and other field investigation assignments, we WILL NOT undertake surveillance on individuals or private residences. We’re not that kind of investigations agency. Thanks for saving your time and ours by not asking.)